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Vinca perennial or annual

vinca perennial or annual

Perform a hard prune of the vinca minor every three to four years.
Greater periwinkle also works well in hanging baskets, window boxes and containers and when trailing over stone walls.
Vinca Major, common periwinkle is often confused with other varieties of vinca.
As you might guess from the name, Vinca major is larger than its cousin.It's sturdy enough to grow anywhere, but keep in mind that it tagliare foto senza perdere qualità can be an invasive ground cover, so you may want to plant it a good distance away from other plants and give it plenty of room to spread.The vinca (Vinca minor known as common periwinkle, is a perennial groundcover that produces blooms in a variety of colors.Perennial vinca varieties have pinwheel-shaped springtime flowers in shades of lavender, purple, and white.Pull weeds regularly so they are not in competition with periwinkle for nutrients in the soil.Another step to take to ensure youre getting a healthy plant is to gently pull the plant out of its pot.Varieties of periwinkle are known for their evergreen foliage that stays green and lush all year, with beautiful small flowers the emerge in spring.It is also not as winter hardy; Vinca major survives in Zones 7-9.How to Treat Leaves on Vinca Plant Remove any dead or dried leaves from your Vinca plant by a process of hand-pulling.Care of Vinca Plants.Growing Periwinkle, periwinkles thrive in direct sunlight, samsung android modelli e prezzi but will still grow in partial shade.But, because vinca comes in a range of colors and the plant tags often get put in the wrong pots buy hurried shoppers, you may want to select plants that are flowering to get the exact shades you want.Follow with an application of an all-purpose fertilizer, such as a product, applying it according to its labeled instructions.It makes a good ground cover, as it roots along the surface of the ground.Greater periwinkle (Vinca major) and lesser periwinkle (Vinca minor both sometimes just called vinca, act as low-maintenance ground covers over large areas of home gardens.

Keep water off the foliage as much as possible.Arrange plants in rows, spacing the plants about 12 inches apart.Water once every month during spring and summer, using a general purpose granular or liquid fertilizer.Periwinkle is a fast-growing perennial that can cover an area in one season if seedlings are spaced about six inches apart.Also look to see that the plant isnt too rootbound, with roots filling the soil and densely circling the perimeter of the pot.Rake the clippings and discard.Start the next row 12 inches behind.In zones 8 and 9, it will need shade due to the air temperatures.