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Cenacolo vinciano milan tickets

Limited for only 25 visitors at once, a reservation is necessary.
No photography in the offerte smartphone android museum site t booking, booking office (39), monday-Saturday: 8:00-18.30, holiday: January 1, April 25, May 1, December.
This was the town that fired Italy's 'economic miracle' back in the fifties, and if the miracle seems to have run out of steam in much of the country, you can be sure that the pistons are still pounding in Milan.Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, and most famously of all (in recent years at least) there is the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie - a magnet for thousands of visitors a year who come to see an oil painting unwisely daubed on its wall.This beautiful "Santa Maria delle Grazie" is a church, which conserves "Last Supper" inside.It will be definitely one of the largest "heritages" of your travel to Milan.It is like abito cerimonia taglio impero a witness of the history and starts to talk to us something.The time is limited to 15 minutes.A sign of the "World Heritage" at the left of the entrance."Last supper" is illuminated lightly in the mysterious darkness.Duomo is the world's second largest cathedral (only bested by St Peter's in Rome) and is the world's largest Gothic church - magnificent.And in the ex dining room of the old Abbey, you can find "last supper".Biblioteca Ambrosiana, with notebooks and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci.When the doors open one after another, your expectation is growing little by little.
Milan is rich and well dressed then but lest we forget that this is an ancient city of art and culture a roll call of some of the major sites will remind.

Price : Pinacoteca Last Supper starting from.99 per person.How realistic and how mysterious!An emotional meeting, at the moment when the last door opens, you can feel a smell of the history of 500 years.Needless to say, Milano is a mecca for fashion shoppers, drawn by the superb designer stores of the chic Via Montenapoleone and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.Beautiful church of Milan-Renaissance style.The past is celebrated above all.It's exactly considered as Milan's world-class treasure.

Tourists flock from all over the world.
"One of you is trying to betray me".
Milan isn't like Rome, Venice or Florence.